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About RED BEE Eyewear

Red Bee Eyewear Our Story

It all started with fashion demand of the society, in fact, fashion had been in existence for over 5000 years and it changes perhaps everyday. Fashion can be styling from clothing, footwear, makeup, accessories.. and even eyewear! Yes, wearing eyeglasses can be stunning too! You do not need to rely on contact lenses too much. Forget about the statement “wearing glasses make you look nerdy”.

The founder of RED BEE Eyewear, Mr Lim Kai Siang, has been in the eyewear industry for over 10 years. He was working with few small eyewear retailers back then, and from there he has been trying to understand the demand of eyewear market. Year by year, Mr Lim has decided to operate his very first eyewear shop at Puchong. Most of the branding and promotion were done by having a fair or roadshow back then, where he participated in several government and schools’ events to sell his eyewear.

Girls in glasses

In 2016, is when RED BEE Eyewear in Klang started its operation. Mr Lim has discovered that market demand and purchasing power are no longer the same like previous time. He takes advantage of digital platform to expand the business. He intends to “educate” people to understand their eyes health well, and would be able to purchase an eyewear via online.

“People are very modern now, everything can be purchased online - from clothes, shoes, makeup stuff, or even food! So why not an eyewear? If you need an eyeglasses to support your eyesight, then you should know how to get them online too” he added.


Ever since, RED BEE Eyewear has been actively on Facebook page to garner fans (customers) to know about the brand, and now developing the website. “We are looking forward to the opportunity to have more SKUs and our website would be a platform for our customers to purchase their eyewear”, according to Mr Lim.

RED BEE Eyewear believes the importance of telling the truth about the value proposition of retail eyewear. Hence, we are always prioritize protective features in our eyewear instead of just being hardsell-driven. 

So in this culture of “looking good”, with the consideration on the face shape, along with the skin complexion, favorite colour, frame shape etc. We are aware on the needs to be able to change your look at anytime you desire - especially when the trends are moving fast.

However, we understand the struggle to choose a good pair of eyewear without breaking the bank. People are typically shocked to find out they need to pay a few hundreds for their glasses, most probably not going to pay for another glasses if the current glasses still in the good condition.

Hence, we penetrate into the market to educated our customers on the best value they can get with RED BEE Eyewear. 

Our lenses are from Essilor, frames are using high quality materials, but our eyeglasses cost only RM99. We aim to give our customers to enjoy the ability to be fashionable with our variety of frame designs, to experience a good quality frames at a very low price, which affordable for everyone!

 Red Bee Glasses

Is it real? Only 15 minutes?

Besides offering you good quality and fair pricing, we also position ourselves as professional eyewear consultant that offers you a fast-complete eyewear making where you can get your glasses within 15 mins on the same day. With such convenience and affordable prices, you can always own more than one pair and be ready to experiment them with your looks and continuously update your eyewear.

RED BEE Eyewear

RED BEE Eyewear Down the Road

Certainly, this can be quite a journey but we are always ready to take on the challenges as we understand the need to be the No.1 eyewear consultant that could offers you so much of benefits. We are certainly ready for a bigger marketplace and to have more branches near future.

We are also looking forward to be more actively on the digital platform. Currently we are actively updating our brand message and promotions on our Facebook and Instagram.