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3-in-1 Multi Focal

With 3-in-1 multi focal eyewear, you do not need to keep switching between pairs of eyeglasses for reading and looking at your computer. So it’s basically works best for distance, intermediate, and near. For example when you are driving (distance), when you are on your computer (intermediate), when you are reading (near). You will be able to get 3-in-1 multi focal on a single pair of eyewear.

As our standard ongoing promotion now, a pair of eyewear with one of these functions would only cost you RM99. Customer can choose which function is best fit for them, and of course we are always be professional to provide them eyes/eyewear style consultation. With some extra minimal charges, we can make a high-index lenses for you! To make your eyeglasses noticeably slimmer, lighter and of course, more attractive!

It’s our commitment to provide the best quality and services to our customers. We always take pride to make sure that our lenses can prevent eye fatigue, and will provide you the best vision that you need. Besides, it is important to educate our customers on how to take care of the eyeglasses and the lenses. Here are some info :-