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Why fashion frames should come with lens

Posted by RED BEE Eyewear on

If you have a perfect eyesight, embrace it and keep them healthy! However if your eyes unfortunately needing the aid of an eyeglasses already, don’t worry, you can still look super cute with a pair of good & fashionable eyewear! There are also some people think that wearing an eyeglasses make them look smarter. So maybe we are pretty safe to say that frames are not only just a tool for poor eyesight, but also a fashion statement. People that have a perfect vision still love wearing one as a style accessory, hence, they would opt for non-prescription eyewear. A non-prescription glasses, also known as clear lens glasses, has become a kind of famous “cosmetic glasses” nowadays. However, did you know the harmful effects of the non-prescription glasses can do to your eyes?

As much as it may protect your eyes against the harmful blue-violet light, it may also have downside if it is a low quality lens. Yes, wearing a low-quality plastic lens without prescription, they will cause harm to the eyes and not suited for regular day to day use. These usually called as demo lenses - where you usually have them when you walk into an eyewear store and try them out, with the reason to get you a better idea on your facial look when wearing a glasses. Besides that, plastic lens can always be scratched easily. Trust us, you will not feel comfortable looking at things with a scratched lens. You must always be mindful that heat distorts plastic lens, therefore they cannot be left in unduly hot places, for instant, the dashboard of your car. If you do, it definitely causing harm to your eyes.

Therefore, there’s a reason why you should always opt for eyewear from the trusted eyewear/optical shop that offering better functional lenses that would provide extra care and protection to your eyes. We got your concern on having a pair of eyewear without prescription because you are lucky to have a pair of perfect eyesight. But you just don’t want to miss the fashion trends of having an eyewear on. Not a problem at all! You can have a gorgeous frame and clean lens - a safe one! You can still rock on the prefect look.

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