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Newborn babies can only see objects that are 8-15 inches away!

Posted by Black Innovation LLP Collaborator on

【Bee Your EYEs SIFU #011】
Fun Fact #RedBeeDiscovery
Did you know? 🤔Newborn babies cannot see very far, but only objects that are 8️⃣ - 1️⃣5️⃣inches away.

Hence, the breastfeeding moments are always the sweetest and a very strong mother-baby bonding time as the newborn can only see the mother’s face❤️🥰

As the months go by, a baby would slowly start to develop his visions. See, the “evolution” of our eyes are so precious and it is one of the greatest accomplishments that we should always proud of - in other words, we should always take good care of our eyes!

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