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How to buy eyewear online

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Will buying an eyewear online be easy? Yes and No. We understand that without having the frames in front of you, it somehow can be difficult to know which styles fit you best. However, in life, we will need to be positive! So.. let’s take “Yes” as the answer :p Joke aside, somehow it's real - buying an eyewear online definitely easier than you thought! As long as you clearly understand and know your prescription and your eyes need. Don’t worry, since we are offering you an online purchasing,  we will be guiding you the best ways.

  1. Know your face shape

Determine your face shape - round, square, oval or heart. It is important factor in getting a right frame that suit your face shape. Here to share with you again, a tutorial on getting a best glasses for your face shape by Michelle Phan.
    1. Know your prescription and measurements

    Remember, it is important for you to get your prescription from the optician. Before you get an eyeglasses online, it is advisable for you to get an accurate prescription (link back to the article we talked about how to read prescription) first. Also, contact lens and eyeglasses prescription could be different, if you unsure just head over to our store for checking. Besides prescription, you will also want to make sure your eyewear measurements on-hand. It is best if you can check your existing pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses. You should read the measurements that are listed at the side arm of the eyeglasses. The measurements should be listed in order of lens width, bridge width, and arm length. If you are unsure on the reading, you can always grab a ruler to measure your glasses (in millimetres).

      Watch this video if you need some guidance  -

      1. Know your eyes need - get them a suitable lens

      It is also important for you to determine any other needs that your eyes should have upon picking the right lens - photogrey, multifocal, high index etc. Most nearsighted and farsighted people need single-vision lenses where they have only one corrective power. Thank to the invention of multifocal lenses - where we can have two or more different corrective powers in just a pair of eyeglasses! Learn more about multifocal lens here 
        1. Know your styles

        We cannot stress enough about get in style with eyeglasses! Never feel down if you are in need to wear a pair to help your eyesight. There are plenty of frames to choose from to match your style. Be bold, be confident and dare to be different. While you should already know your face shape, it’s gonna be easier to get in style! We recommend you to have at least 2-3 different styles - a simple pair for everyday use and alternate pairs that you can wear to change up your look. Go for tortoise design, vintage or any coloured frame that suit your skin tone. As we understand a pair of eyeglasses can cost you plenty, you can be worry-free about it when you shop for eyeglasses with us as our varied range of eyeglasses are definitely affordable and good in quality. So.. get yourself a pair (or more) now!

          In this current era, people tend to get everything possible through online. Be it clothing, gadget, furniture, groceries and even food! So we don’t see why can’t we get eyeglasses, something that we need in our life via online. We hope these guidelines could make your life easier and happy shopping with RED BEE!

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