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Find out who loves multi-focal lens and why

Posted by RED BEE Eyewear on

As their name suggests, multi-focal lenses enable you to have multiple prescriptions on just one particular pair of eyeglasses. (yay! here’s why..)

As we age, its a normal phenomenon that you may start to experience difficulty in reading. Words are getting blurry, you may need to enlarge the font size of your smartphone, or place newspaper much further away than your usual position so that you can see it clearly. This is what we called Presbyopia - where you need lenses that help your eyes to focus on the small and near objects. Myopia is a condition where your eyes are unable to correctly focus on objects at a distance. So and this again, you may need lenses that can address far objects into focus. If you have not been wearing any prescription glasses, you may find that reading glasses can help with the wordings, near words become clearer whereas distance objects would be blurry. On the other hand, if you have been prescription glasses for shortsightedness, meaning to see distance object, you may be able to read a book clearly by taking off your glasses. So yes, here’s the point, the trouble of “taking your glasses on and off” action, aren’t you feel annoyed yet?

Well, if you already experiencing it, you will definitely love this solution here - multi-focal lens. The type of lens that provide vision correction, helps you to see distance object and near object clearly with the same pair of glasses without the need to switch two different glasses already!

A good pair of multi-focal glasses can fit into your lifestyle seamlessly, someone who is active, busy and always looking out for conveniences, we suggest you to opt for multi-focal glasses. Each lens is custom made according to your lifestyle after we examine your eyes needs. If you are unsure if your eyes needs and whether or not you are fit for wearing a multi-focal glasses, you are welcome to head over our stores to know more! Depending on the results of your eye test, we will always give the best pair for you! With a suitable pair of multi-focal glasses, you can now enjoy clearer vision for distance viewing and reading with the hassle of changing to multiple types of glasses.

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