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Eye Care Tips

Posted by RED BEE Eyewear on

Caring for your eyes like you do for you skin and face will ensure you look and feel your best. It’s undeniable that eyes are the important part of your health. Eyes express our emotions and thoughts, and it’s our responsibility to take care of them. Here, we are sharing you few tips to maintain healthy eyes well into your golden years.

Eat right.

You should’ve known that carrots are good for your eyes. So you should eat more to protect your sight. Besides carrots, eat more fruits and dark leafy greens such as kale and spinach. Eating fish high in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon and tuna also has much benefits for your eyes health.

Wear protective eyewear.

Protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays when you are exposed to outdoor activities. Protective eyewear includes goggles, which you should always wear it when you are swimming, safety shields, when you are doing any sports or outdoor activities, and better yet, opt for glasses that has the photogrey function.

Care for your contact lenses.

Always wash your hands thoroughly before taking off or putting in your contact lenses to avoid the risk of eyes infection. Be sure to replace the contact lenses accordingly and disinfect them as instructed.

Rest your eyes.

We know you are busy with your everyday schedule. However it's important to take care of your eyes. If you spend most of the time at the computer, do take some break to give your poor eyes some break. We shared the eyes exercises here that could help to reduce eyestrain.

Keep them pretty.

There are alot of remedies we can try to make our eyes maintain beautiful, and those doesn’t need super high cost, could have just get them from the kitchen! Try applying cucumber slices, black or green tea bags, chilled spoon, and rose water to your eyes to get rid of dark circle, puffiness and making them look brighter in no time!

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