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Choose the right lens and frames of your eyewear

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Fashionable eyeglass frames come and go, while you enjoy exploring on the fashion trends, you still need a frame that accentuate your best features! Instead if spending hours at the shop trying on dozens of frames before setting on a frame style, check out our professional tips here to find the right frames and lens for your face shape.

Picking the right frames

First, determine your face shape. Either you have a round face, oval, oblong, triangular or square.. you can definitely have the frames that suit your face shape. Round faces will appear slimmer with a narrow or rectangular frames. Oval faces look even more balanced to have a frame that are slightly wider than your forehead. A shorter frames that carry more depth over width definitely suit best for oblong faces. Lucky for triangular faces, they gonna look great with coloured frames or frames resembling “cat eyes” whereas square faces may choose to have frames that are slightly narrow, oval frames with less depth and more width. For a clearer and more detailed guide, you can check out here

Best frames for hair and skin colours

Yes, hair and skin colours can affect on your choices for frames too! Those with brown hair and medium to dark skin tones - any colour frame can go-to as long as they aren’t too strong. Little hint, tortoiseshell with a little gold or red is one of the great choices favoring browns. If you coloured your hair blond (or if you born with blond hair) and light-skinned - you probably should opt for medium brown or olive tortoiseshell frames. Basically any medium to light shades of green or blue can really blend well too! And if you have slightly gray or silver hair - blue and burgundy frames should look great on you, try to avoid silver and tortoiseshell frames that may look wash-out your skin tone.

So after get your right frames, time to consider for good lens. Polycarbonate lenses are thinner, lighter and more resistant to scratches then the plastic lenses. As we mentioned here plastic lenses not a good choice to be paired for your good frames. You may opt for lenses with lens coating, such as anti-reflective, UV protective or scratch-resistant coatings. Depending on the power of your eyesight, you can always go for thinner lens to enhance your look. For higher UV protection, go for photogrey lens.

Now there’s no reason for you to skip purchasing a good pair of Red Bee eyewear via online! But if you think you need to speak with our pros, welcome to our stores!

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