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Are blue control lens worth the money?

Posted by RED BEE Eyewear on

We should appreciate the optometry technology, for the coating on the eyeglasses called “Blue Control”.

With all the digital devices we expose ourselves to, some of which we look at for many hours each day, the prolonged exposure to high energy visible light, or “blue light” as it’s commonly known would resulting a dry, tired, and burning eyes. Also, this situation would still happens to the spectacle wearers. They would still experience some form of eye stress during or after using the digital devices. The digital devices displays are not only changing the light spectrum we are exposed to - but they are also changing our visual behaviour.

Blue control phones

As much we may or may not realising it, we spend more time looking at things (digital devices) “close up”, and possible in low brightness background, admit it, how many of you would still swipe on your smartphone before sleep even after the lights off? Guess it’s been a norm, sadly.

LCD and LED screens emit blue light, and since the exposure are strong towards the modern society now, optometrists (and us!) are concern about irritated eyes and even blurred version as a result of using these devices at work, for communication, or at play.

Blue Control Diagram

Blue Control somehow work wonders to reduce the perception of blue light emitted by digital devices rays, minimizing glare and improving contrast. Blue Control is the ideal solution for people who spend extended periods with digital screens, including students, office workers, and video game players.  It provides effective blue light protection, ensuring safety and comfort in this digital world.

While most of us understand the increased risk to our eye health, a majority of us are still in the position to contemplate on the eye protection against the effects of UV light and glare. Us at RED BEE Eyewear, we understand the need and the importance of having the “magic” coating on every pair of your eyeglasses, without breaking your bank account. We have been granted with a good pair of eyes, but when you already need a pair of eyeglasses means you are.. Slightly need for a help! So.. we are here to offer the protection to your eyes before it goes worst. It’s always better to protect than cure. Hence, we are always prioritize protective features in our eyewear.

So back to the question.. Yes, blue control is definitely effective and worth your money!

Our tip : Be sure to give your eyes more frequent breaks, look away (if you could do so) or keep a distance to look at the screens - even when you are in the middle of working on your laptop, table or smartphone. If your eyes are tired and dry, close your eyes and take some rest. Trust us, your work can wait! Most importantly, avoid looking at your screen at a low brightness background.

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