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5 reasons why you should opt for Photogrey

Posted by RED BEE Eyewear on

We cannot stress enough it is essential to protect our eyes outdoors - whether we are out for a short walk or spending an entire afternoon exposing to the sun. The UV light that we are exposed to everyday will causes damage to your eyes. We could thank to the high technology that invented photogray lenses, that darken when exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun and can return to normal when at indoors. Be amazed by the science behind “self-darkening” lenses here. Besides the function that can provide comfort to your eyes, there are few our favorite benefits about photogray lenses.

  1. Can reduce eye strain and fatigue besides lessen glare by regulating the amount of natural light you are exposed to. While you do not have to worry of the degree of the lenses darkness since it depends upon the amount of light you are exposing to.
  2. The transitions to darken the lenses only takes around 30 seconds and can turn clear again just as fast. You don’t have to be uncomfortable with the shades - dark or normal.
  3. You can save money! (and time too). Who needs to have eyeglasses and sunglasses when you can have them 2 in 1! You don’t have to keep switching both.
  4. Can be stylo. The lenses available in brown or gray variable tints. Choose one to suit your style.
  5. Suitable for all age. It is also ideal for children. Since eye damage results from the lifetime exposure to UV rays, the protection should start since they are young. 

So wait no more, you should get a pair now with photogrey! Red Bee would serve you better.

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