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10 ways to help your child feel good wearing glasses

Posted by RED BEE Eyewear on

It’s always sad to see little children nowadays will need to wear eyeglasses. It could be too much of exposure on the iPad screens that affect their health, or some kids are unfortunately born with eyes problem. No matter what is the reason of wearing an eyeglasses, parents should always ensure that their child feels good wearing eyeglasses by making sure they get a pair of good quality eyeglasses. Here we would like to share few ways to help your child feels good and comfortable in wearing eyeglasses.  

  1. Let your child pick their own pair
If you want your child to feel comfortable wearing eyeglasses, you must be open to let them choose a pair that they fancy the most. Children can be just as adult, we always happy when we get to own something that we fancy the most. So, let them choose! Parents can play the always play advisor role.

    1. Offer positive encouragement
    Positive encouragement is important as it helps to create a positive feeling about the glasses when your child starts wearing them. Make them feel good about their look with glasses on by piling on compliments. You should be the pillar of trust and confidence for your children, they will definitely feel good to receive good vibes from you besides can enhance their confidence. Besides, it is also important to explain why they need to wear glasses and how glasses can help on their eyesight.

      1. Ensure frames are in a good fit
      When you want your child to be comfortable wearing glasses, first of all is to make sure the frames are correctly fitted. As they grow, it is crucial to ensure the frames remain a good fit - being said that, check-up is needed every year or as when necessary.

        1. Make glasses become “fashion accessory”

        Let’s get to the fact that everyone loves to be seen, looking good and to enjoy fashion. This could probably be applied to older kids or teens - where they have got fashion exposure. Let them choose frames by a brand they like or choose a few pairs to match with different outfits. By doing so, wearing glasses could be part of fashion and glasses be part of the fashion accessory. Yay! Because we don’t cry over spilled milk - we might not be able to change the fact that we need to wear glasses to support eyesights, but instead, we can cherish it with positivity!


        1. Get ready for a new look!
        Now that your child  have new glasses, make a trip taking your child shopping for new outfit to match their nre frames! Remember we talked about be fashionable with glasses? Yes! This is the time to encourage your child to be proud wearing glasses! Ain’t nothing can stop them from looking good! :)

        So the next time you see any children has the need to wear glasses, say positive things, give encouragement, make them feel good about themselves and embrace it! As much as we always wanted a good health and perfect eyesight, sometimes there are things that are unavoidable. However, we do have some tips for taking care of the eyes, read here.You can sign up for newsletter to enjoy RM10 off when you purchase an eyewear for your child with us!

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